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Taiwan Advising Center

Look for the EducationUSA logo at approved EducationUSA Advising Centers to obtain accurate, comprehensive and current information about the full range of accredited higher education programs in the United States.  EducationUSA Advising Centers provide students and their parents with information on how to Make a Study Plan, Choose a School, Find Financial Aid, Apply for Admission, Get a Student Visa, and Prepare for Departure. They do not serve as agents or recruiters.

The EducationUSA Taiwan Advising Center offers group and individual academic advising, conducts face-to-face information sessions, hosts virtual advising and island-wide outreach programs around Taiwan.

For more information on the EducationUSA Taiwan Advising Center, please visit

EducationUSA Taiwan Advising Center 
U.S. Education Information Center Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FULBRIGHT FOUNDATION)

3rd FL., 45 Yanping S. Road, Taipei 
Phone: 886-2-2388-7600, FAX:886-2-2388-7355

Free Group Advising Sessions:
Thursday, 6:00PM - 7:00PM

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